Our Battle

On August 24th our battle began. As we sat in the NICU cuddling our boys the neonatologist came to review the Newborn Screener. The test revealed that the boys would fight Cystic Fibrosis. I cried big, ugly, loud tears and braced myself for the worst. We were given information about the CF Clinic at Texas Children’s Hosptial, where Merritt and Campbell are now being treated and set up appointments right away. Over the past four months, I have had to find the good in every situation to keep me going. Looking back, we are blessed. Five years ago CF was not evaluated on the Newborn Screener. We found out when the boys were just fifteen days old, giving them a chance to benefit from new treatments to help keep their lungs and pancreas as healthy as they can be while we wait for a cure. We are blessed. We live thirty minutes away from the best CF center in the county. We are blessed. Despite the CF, our boys smile and laugh the cutest laughs you’ve ever heard. Our home is full of more love than I ever thought possible. This journey is going to be hard, but I’m confident that God has his hands all over our sweet babies. It’s my prayer that William and I continue to have the stamina we need to run this race. We’re ready, and we’re so lucky to have family and friends fighting with us.

Fighting Hard,
The Wrights

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