A little victory.

William and I have been enjoying some time together with the boys thanks to the holidays. Today I spent much of my day doing things around the house. By things I mean organizing and cleaning, which is what I do best when I’m trying to avoid my thoughts. In the back of my mind, I’ve been thinking about the irregular blood results we received from Merritt’s liver panel a few weeks ago. Three weeks ago we brought Merritt and Campbell in for their monthly CF appointment at TCH and the doctor order some blood work to check liver function other areas of concern with CF patients. We received the results days later and found our Merritt’s numbers were off the charts. We called Merritt’s GI doctor to get more clarity on the results and were told about the possibility of liver disease. Our next step would be to wait two weeks and redo the blood work to see if there is any change in his numbers. Two weeks came and went, and I took little man in to get his blood work done last Monday in hopes that we would get some news before Christmas. Christmas came and went and still no news. Which brings me here today. William’s mom and brother came into town to spend some quality time with the boys (and us). They arrived around 4, and we needed to make plans for dinner, so William and I were able to sneak away on a little date to the grocery store while Pete and Gram watched the boys. While we were at the store, we ran into our neighbors and began talking family and holidays and naturally the topic of the twins and CF came up. Our neighbors mentioned that they have friends in the area that have twins with CF, so they were familiar with the lifestyle and complications Merritt and Campbell may have to deal with. I asked them how old the twins were and the conversation quickly stopped. Our neighbor was searching for words. He then explained that they had both passed away. I couldn’t hold back tears and began crying. William like always came to the rescue, he started doing the math in his head and figured out they were born 37 years ago. Which he then explained all the advancements made with CF and CF research in the last 37 years. I was visibly saddened by our conversation. Our trip to the store, a time for me to escape CF care and worry quickly turned into another occasion where CF smacked me right in the face. We arrived back home and spent the evening making dinner and entertaining the boys. Then the phone rang. It was our GI doctor calling to discuss Merritt’s most recent blood results. You could feel everyone’s heart sink. William walked into our bedroom to talk to the doctor in private where he was told that Merritt’s numbers have significantly decreased. This is great news. Fantastic news. With decreasing numbers, it seems that liver disease is not present at the time. We will do further testing in a few weeks as the numbers are still out of the normal range, but can we take a second and thank God for this miracle. Tonight I focus on the good. You see today was hard and my heart ached from hearing yet another story about sweet kiddos losing their life to CF. However, today was good. We got some good news. News of healing. We are seeing the power of prayer and our mighty God move. We are praying big and our heavenly father is answering. So tonight, we continue to ask you to pray big for our boys. God is moving mountains.

Always Fighting,

Magen Wright

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